Camera Flash or Not

Do you ever find yourself trying to decide if you should use camera flash or not? There are a million similar situations you can find yourself in where you would consider using flash, but it sometimes seems the flash actually takes away from the image, rather than helping it. Here is some quick advice on how to use your best judgment with flash, and some tricks on how to make it look the best!
 Secrets to Using a Flash
The best times to use flash are night, and anytime a good amount of natural light is not available. A lot of times this means indoors in a poorly lit environment! Flash was created to help the camera have enough light available to make the subject more visible, but it can also create a flat look to your images and create an extremely dark background. So anytime you are considering whether or not to use it, keep this in mind. You can also take a test shot without it on and see how you like it. The flash will create a better quality picture as far as clarity, but it may sacrifice too much beautiful and natural lighting and can completely hide the back ground.  If you can find a window and use natuarl light instead. 
Some tricks to help you use the flash more efficiently: A camera’s flash is not programmed to make it long distance, so get closer to your subject so they can be actually lit up by the flash going off. Also, until you feel proficient in determining when a good time to use flash would be, keep it on auto. It will go off, and sometimes clue you in to a good time to use it, when you yourself wouldn’t have thought to. Flash is ultimately an awesome tool to have when light isn’t available, and should be used accordingly!  Don’t use it if you done have to! 


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