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Want Better Camera Phone Pictures?  Today’s camera phones are so convenient, that many people use them as their only camera.  And while technology is always helping the camera phone’s quality to improve, there are a few things you may want to know when you are shooting that will dramatically help your images improve!

Better Camera Phone Image

Try this tip the next time you are taking a picture with your camera phone; shoot with the light behind you.  When the light is behind you, then it is illuminating your subject. Many people think to get a well lit picture, their photos should be taken with the subject in the sunlight.  But the sunlight can be very harsh, create deep shadows and make your subject squint too much.  Instead, find a great patch of shade and have your subject stand there.  Getting your subject well lit not only makes for a better picture, but helps tremendously with the crispness and quality of the image.

If you are shooting indoors, put the window behind you.  If you are shooting outdoors, the sun or a bright sky should be behind you.  This little tip may seem simple but it can mean the difference of a “make it” or “break it” shot.


When your done taking all those camera phone pictures, please don’t forget to save them!  This is a simple activity that doesn’t take too much time, but you would be surprised how many people are unsure how to do this and keep all of their photos on their phone.  Hope this is helpful for you to permanently save your memories!

1. Plug your camera phone into your computer.

2.  If the AutoPlay window appears, click “Import pictures and videos” using Windows.  Go to step 4.

3. If not, then choose Start > Computer.  You will see a small icon that represents your phone.   Right click this icon and select “Import pictures and videos”.

4.  Select the folder you want to save your pictures in and start the import.

5.  Once the pictures are imported, you can now erase all of the pictures on your camera phone by selecting the icon, then locating the pictures and deleting them.

1.  Plug your camera phone into your Mac.  iPhoto should launch right away with the import window.

2.  Select “Import All”, or select only the images and videos you want imported and click the “Import Selected” button.

3.  After the import is done, you will be asked if you would like to delete these photos from your camera phone.  Click “Delete Photos”.

Back up your folders onto an external hard drive so they are saved in 2 different places.



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