Child To Pose

The toddler stage is one of the cutest phases of life, but to get your child to pose, let alone look at the camera, can be a huge challenge.  Children are NOT enthusiastic about posing. While children are inherently beautiful, they aren’t naturals at sitting still. The next time you want to take some great toddler photos, try these simple tips to make it a more successful activity.

First, be sure that the camera you are using doesn’t have a delayed shutter release button.  This means that when you click the button, the shutter should fire right away.  Some of the older model point and clicks would have a second or two delay which was just enough time to totally miss the shot.  Toddlers are wiggly!  Today’s camera phones and DSLR’s both have pretty fast reaction to the shutter button and really help you capture the moment.

Try creating boundaries by having the child sit on something.  Chairs, a box, a short wall, or even someone’s lap may work.  When they have a so-called boundary, it helps them stay (at least for a few minutes – ha!)  You can also incorporate a toy above the camera or a headband on you to grab their attention.  Tell a joke!  Make it a fun experience and you will have their attention.


These little games and activities can work wonders also; once you have their attention, try having them play copycat with you.  Show them some silly things to copy first, then have them start to copy poses that you are hoping for.   Once you set up a pose, let them get comfortable in it for a moment.  You can also put a little dot sticker on the bottom of their foot or hand.  The sticker grabs their attention for a bit of time and allows you to grab a cute shot of them.



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