Christmas Card Ideas

Christmas Card Ideas

With the holidays fast approaching, it isn’t too late to send a warm greeting to your friends and family both near and far.  From handmade to quick orders check out these quick tips on diffrent types of cards you can use this year.

1. DIY card.  If you go to Pinterest and do a search for DIY Christmas Cards, you will find so many great homeade card ideas.  Everything from cards made with natural materials that require sewing, to cards that your kids can make for you.  What a fun way to kick off the holiday season!

2.  Order cards from my studio!!!!  My print lab has the best papers you can buy!  If you want high end paper, double sided cards, and a customized look that is unique to you, then give me a call.

3.  Order cards online.  Shutterfly and Picaboo are two of many companies that offer cards with great designs that you can also include a photo in.  You will find they offer a variety of papers as well.

4.  Order from Costco.  Most local stores that offer Christmas cards actually use photo paper to print the cards.  These won’t allow you to have a two sided card, but can still work well.  You will find that this can be your most affordable option.

5.  Christmas card theme.  Have all the photos on your card go with a theme, like silent night and have all the kids mouths taped and tied up with lights.  Other ideas include Merry Kissmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, Laughing All the Way, and  Dashing Through the Snow.

6.  Buy a box of cards from Target.  You can make these very personal by adding a little note about your year.  I’m not saying type a 300 word report on how your year was, just a little somthing to make it feel personal.

What ever your choice just make sure you love doing it and it expreses your family.  Merry Christmas from Noah’s Ark Photography



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