Mini Session

Many photographers have “mini sessions” to choose from when booking a shoot, and sometimes that can get a little confusing. What is a mini session? Why should you choose it? What can be photographed as a mini session instead of a full, and why?
 It is an ideal set up for families that have very busy weekends, are on a budget, frequent clients, or they feel their child would do better with a short session. Basically they are the same as a full session, but a smaller number of pictures are yielded, less amount of shooting time is spent, and best of all a smaller price! A mini session is for you if you want to save money on pictures, and are okay with a smaller number of pictures to choose from. They are also a great alternative to the full session if you and or your loved ones (impatient husbands or wiggly kids) don’t want to shoot for very long.It’s also an easy way to try out a photographer. Parents may not realize it right away, but children who are photographed at an early age by a professional will be more comfortable in front of the camera. This becomes very valuable to parents when there is an investment being made for wall art, particularly for a full family session. It can be especially true when it is the same photographer — with each session the relationship gets stronger and more familiar. One of my favorite things is to arrive for a session and be greeted with a big hug from the children whom I’ve photographed for years. My cup is always very full from all this love from my little clients!
The idea behind this kind of photography is to provide a different feel from one mini shoot to the next so that families can keep coming back for different looks. Sessions are done on a designated day when children and/or families are photographed in increments of 10 to 30 minutes, depending on how the photographer sets it up. Some offer mini shoots around themed holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Independence Day, Halloween, and Christmas. Others make it seasonal such as winter, spring, summer, and fall.
Minis are an awesome way to still take advantage of having pictures done!


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