Mounted Prints

If you haven’t ever ordered mounted prints, you may want to consider it with your next investment.  Mounted prints are prints that are adhered to a solid backing.  Instead of a flimsy paper portrait, you have a portrait that holds it’s form.  Mounting your prints helps to protect them from bending and marking and keeps your images safer longer.

Mounting Your Prints

There are many different types of materials used to mount your images.  One is the commonly used foam core board (which is the most commonly used), the styrene board, and the masonite backing.

Getting your prints mounted not only protects them better, but it also can create a few new options for you to display them.  Because your print will now stand alone, you can display your print with out a frame.   One easy look is to set the mounted print on a shelf leaning against the wall without a frame.  Another solution is to use these thick self-adhesive rubber bumpers found at Home Depot. Place one at each corner of the print about 4 inches toward the center to hide their appearance.  A more gallery style look is to attach a small block behind the mounted print and hang it to your wall.  The block pushes the print out so that it now looks like it is suspended just in front of the wall.  You can also hang the print frameless directly to the wall using Command wall strips.

You should also have the artwork UV coated. This also protects the print from moisture, dust, and the color will not self destruct under normal viewing conditions. UV coatings can be either: clear, luster, gloss, or high gloss.

Next time your order prints, consider getting them mounted, you’ll be glad you did!

At Noah’s Ark Photography we mount all prints larger than 8×10, and add UV protection!



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