NHC Student Ministries Fall Retreat

WOW!!! One word to describe NHC student ministries’ fall retreat.

Aaron and I have been involved with student ministries almost all of our married life.  This year I got to get back into it by leading the 6th grade girls’ small group!  This weekend we got to go to Lake Beauty Bible Camp and unite as a church in Christ.  This was a powerful experience for many of us, both students and leaders.  Lots of laughing, crying, and worshiping made it a spirit lifting, eye opening time studying about life suffering.


Stephen Love taught:  1 Peter says “All of us suffer”  we might be at different stages but we all suffer.  We have a new hope in Christ, and our reward is in heaven.  We need to suffer as a “TEAM”, remembering that all of us are in this together.  Christianity is my “MARK”, we need to anchor our faith in Christ, and rejoice in the end.  For we are all victorious!

The worship leaders were:  Devin Pogue, Lindzy Westman, and Colson Wabshaw.  Their music was very powerful to the soul.  “It is Well, with my Soul”

Your great mercy sets me free
And all Your love is all I need
So when the trials come
Remind me it is well

Not only did we worship Him, but we spent time bonding with horse back riding, paintball, challenge course, football, ultimate Frisbee,  hayrides, campfires, and board games.  I could go on and on.  NO more talking……

Senior High Boys getting ready to engage in some dodge ball!
Lake Beauty Bible Camp Dinning Hall, students waiting for the buses to head home!
The Seniors!
More of the Seniors!
NHC Seniors lined up after there last Fall Retreat!
Isaiah giving his class mates some direction.
Lisa is giving us some posing direction for the Fall Retreat group photo!
The kids flowing in for the final session of the weekend.
A little egg roulette, what an eggcellent game!
Jake and Kenton keeping the audio and video rockin all weekend!
MicahJosiah and Johnathan, Not going to mention why the shoulder had to be immobilized and iced.
Seniors Rock!
The ultimate Frisbee crew!
Veronica getting ready to go for a trail ride.
Kadie mounted up and ready to ride!
What a beautiful animal!
Seth out in the pasture.
The three amigos!
Hey hopping!
Kadie, Hannah, and Veronica waiting for the trail ride.
Isaiah is pretty proud of his manly salad!

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