Saving habits

Americans are not known for their prudent saving habits. Several factors such as stagnant wages, rising expenses, and a general lack of financial knowledge keep many people from building a significant nest egg for the long-term. However, there are plenty of reasons to get motivated and find a way to save more money.
Have you ever seen the movie “Up”? The couple Ellie and Carl have a jar that they put all of their spare change in at the end of each day, and over time, this jar gets filled and eventually is enough to help them in troubled time and then to buy them tickets to their dream trip. This principle of saving a little every day is so valuable! Most of us just put a chunk into our savings account infrequently, then use it as needs arise, but the idea of saving a little every day can be far easier and more beneficial!
How to Have a Surprise Savings Account
To have this easy savings account, start by setting up your parameters, and rules. Some ideas could be the money goes in a sealed jar that can only be opened after breaking it, or a container that is viewed by everyone in the family, and so you are held responsible for not cheating and accessing it early. Next decide how frequently you want to add to your “savings account”-this could be small change at the end of every day, maybe five dollar bills leftover at the end of the week, or even all the quarters you find. You may just want to transfer money from your checking to your savings automatically every month. Get in the habit of actually putting money in, and not thinking about the accumulating amount you are making. By the time you are ready to use it, or really need it, you will be surprised by the little amount of effort it took to save so much! This is such a rewarding and exciting habit to start.
Check out this savings calendar to get you started:


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