How to Create a Silhouette


Have you ever wanted to create a picture that has a silhouette?  Doing so is a really fun way to play with your camera, and it’s not that hard.  Below you will find a few tips to help you out.

Tips for creating a silhouette:

1.  Position your subject in front of the light source so the light is directly behind them.  Your light source could be the sunset or the window or anything else that will illuminate your subject from behind.

2.  Have your subject pose in a creative way that you can still see their shape.  An air jump, a profile of two people kissing, a child pulling a wagon, or running along a hilltop are all ideas you can use.  Get creative and have fun with it!

3.  Be sure there is nothing behind the subject blocking their shape.  If there is a tree between the light and your subject, then the silhouette won’t be seen.  You may want to place your subject on the top of a hill, or on a beach; both are equally full-proof locations.

4.  Lower yourself to the ground, so that you can get the full body as a silhouette.  When you are lower to the ground, then you’ll get more of the body in the silhouette. Otherwise the ground behind can seemingly ‘cut off’ the legs.

5.  Have your camera expose for the light.  If you are using an iPhone, press the yellow square in the lightest area of the photo so that it darkens the subject.  If you are using any other camera, point the camera towards the light as much as possible so that the camera will expose for the light which will in turn darken your subject.

6.  Use an editing app to darken the subject if you still need to.  Sometimes after you take the shot you will still have a little bit of detail on the subject.  It looks better if the subject is all black, so darken the image when you edit it.



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