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In today’s fast paced world, it can be easier to grab a bag of chips and a candy bar to snack on during the day than something healthy.  However, with just a little planning and forethought, having healthy snacks on hand can be surprisingly easy and beneficial to your health.  Here are a few ideas of foods that are tasty, nutritious and under 100 calories per serving that you can switch out your junky snacks with.

5 Tasty Low Cal Snacks

1 – Popcorn.  Watch what you put on it, but popcorn can be delicious and a good source of fiber when there isn’t a half a cup of butter and loads of cheesy salt on top.  Check the store for healthier pre made popcorn that you can eat much more of and not have to worry about the calories adding up.

2 – Vegetables.  Learning to enjoy the flavors of vegetables can be one of the smartest ways to incorporate healthier eating.  Not only are vegetables really low in calories, they are also loaded with nutrients that your body needs.  Eat them raw, sautéed, in dips or blended in a smoothie, it doesn’t matter!

3 – Raw fruit with spray whip topping.  Spray whip topping is a secret treat because it only has 15 calories per serving and can transform any fresh fruit into a sweet snack!  Add it on top of any berries, oranges, apples, pineapple, and melons.  It can even take the place of your dessert, it’s that good!

4 – Pistachios. All nuts are a great resource for your health, but pistachios have a few less calories than it’s nut buddies.  You can eat about 25 pistachios in their shell and stay under 100 calories for your snack.

5 – Greek Yogurt.  What a fantastic source of protein!  Take ½ cup greek yogurt with 1 tsp honey and dash of cinnamon, and you have a healthy low calorie snack that will give you energy!



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