Think Pictures Now

Think Pictures Now

Many people tend to think about getting their photo sessions booked until it’s too late. Then they find themselves rushing to find a photographer, outfits, location, and everything else right in the middle of chaos! While this may seem like the easy route (just waiting to do it until it has to be done), it doesn’t make sense! Why rush one of the most important things you will be doing all year? Start planning your picture sessions now- look ahead at your year and decide what you need your images for and then schedule them a few months ahead. You can even start planning your outfit color scheme, props, location and other details now so that you will have less stress later. (Or let your photographer help you). You will be so relieved when they are planned out with a good amount of time, and done early. Memories and documentation of your family should not be rushed, it should be a priority every year!


Here are some idea to help you plan your session.

1.  Clear Ideas.  Don’t hire anyone until you’re clear about what you want to convey in your photo. Make a list of words to describe who you are, ie. fun, funky, kind.  Write down colors, thoughts on your surroundings, etc. Start a file of your favorite images from magazines. Make a Pinterest board!

2.  Get Make up advise.  I’ve worked with make-up artists who sprayed foundation on my face like spackle. And some who made my hair stand up about 11 inches from my head. You’d think I would’ve spoken up – but for many years, I thought everyone else knew better than me what I should look like. And yet, I still believe in using a make-up artist! My advice is to REQUIRE a phone conversation with her before your shoot. Share your images from #1. Listen to her ideas and advice. You’d be surprised at how much make up you need for even a natural looking photo – but spackle is NOT necessary! If you don’t have the budget for a make-up artist, then get help from friends in the know.

3.  Plan Your Outfits.  Two weeks before your photo shoot, plan your outfits. Pick at least three. (Avoid crazy patterns on your shirts!) If you need help in this area please contact me.

4.  You are important.  Your energy. Your light. Your radiance. These are the most important things. Before you head to the shoot, sit quietly and remember your intentions in your work and life. Connect to your center and take some deep breaths. Then, as the photos are being shot, remember to be present in your body. Look into and through the camera lens. Act as if you’re looking into the eyes of your very best friend. Don’t be afraid to let loose and smile and laugh. These are often the best photos!

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