Top 20 Favorite Apps

Who doesn’t love app recommendations!  Here are our families top 20 favorite apps.  app image

20.  Redbox  We love to rent movies and this app helps make it easier.  Instead of driving around to find what we want, we can look to see where the movie is we want to rent.  Huge time saver!!  This App is free.

19.  Strawberry Shortcake  With a house full of little girls you we have to have this app.  Strawberry has lots of different apps to choose from.  From coloring to taking care of puppies the girls have hours of entertainment.  These apps are free to $2.99.

18.  Heads Up  As seen on Ellen this game is great for the whole family.  You put the phone on your head and the players give you clues to what is on the phone, then you guess.  There are many different decks from animals to movies.   This game will make any party a hit!  Cost $0.99

17. Pandora  No one should live without music and with a teenage son crazy about music you can’t go wrong with this app!  Free app

16. Facebook  Who doesn’t use this app?  Free

15.  Teach Me  As a homeschooling mom I LOVE LOVE this app.  They have preschool all the way to 2nd grade.  Parents can set up the app for multiple children and they can have their picture on it.  Parents can also set the subjects and difficulty levels.  Children then get rewards for correct answers.  These apps are $1.99 each

14. Map My Ride  I know you would think having 5 kids would keep me thin, but they don’t!  We love to bike so this app is great for keeping track for routes, speed, calories and more.  It also syncs with My Fitness Pal!!  Price free to $2.99

13. Cartwheel  Shop at Target?  WE DO!!!  Use coupons?  WE DO!!  This app is free coupons.  The more you use the more you get.  You can even scan the barcode to see if they have a coupon for it.  FREE app

12. Target  Did I mention we shop at Target!  This app is great to check out the weekly add, and make a list for shopping.  FREE

11. Personaliezed photo apps by Noah’s Ark Photography  This is a photo app you put on your phone to show everyone your latest photo session, and show off your cute kids.  Who carries photo wallets any more?!  Free with a session with us!  Book today to check it out!

10.  Accu Weather   Everyone including the little kids are checking the weather daily.  As a mom I love this because I don’t have to here “What is it going to be out like today”, or  “What can I wear today”!  This app is free.

9.  Starbucks  Yes, as parents of five kids it is hard to believe we live off of coffee!  You earn rewards, can pay, and even tip your barista!  FREE!

8.  Pinterest  Need inspiration for anything and everything, you have to get this app!!!  Even our son uses it for great recipes.  FREE

7.  Calendar  With our very busy lives we have to use a calendar.  I love that we can have a calendar for multiple different things that all sync together.  Set reminders and put on daily tasks for kids.  Can’t live without!!!

6.  Fish School  by Duck Duck Moose Kids can learn letters, numbers, shapes and colors with sea creatures.  My favorite is the memory game!  Cost I think $1.99

5.  My Fitness Pal  This is a food diary.  You can scan barcodes and count calories.  It is so easy to use you have no excuse not to loose weight.  Free or paid.

4.  Snapchat  It is like texting with pictures and video.  I love that my sister hundreds of miles away can send me a snap and I feel right there with them, and it doesn’t get stored on my phone.  Free

3.  Bible  We always have a bible with us now!  In different versions, and languages everyone can use it.  What we love about it is the reading plans.  We are currently reading thru the bible in a year!  Don’t like to read they have an auto version!!  Share versus with you friends,  and add note where you want.  No excuse to spend time in the WORD.  FREE

2. Twitter  Did I mention we have a teenager!  You can follow us on twitter @NoahsArkPhotogr  Free

1. Instagram  As a photographer we love to take pictures!  Social media with picture who doesn’t love that.  #noahsarkphoto  Free



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