What vacation do you have planned this year? For many of us, a vacation is the time to turn off our phones, log-off our computers, reconnect with the loved ones in our life and enjoy doing the things we love most. Getting away is so fun and something we can look forward to. As fun as it is, there is also the cost, time and stress of planning it all. This year, if you are unable to pack-up and jet away to the mountains or a tropical beach…try a staycation. This option is always cheaper, and can be a lot less stressful when all you are looking for during vacation months is some relaxing time. Here are some ideas on how to make your staycation the best.

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* Treat yourself- find some fancy smoothie recipes, a few different cheese & cracker combos, a great magazine and treat yourself to a day at your pool (or a friend’s nearby).
* Backyard camping- if you’re lucky enough to have a backyard, pitch some tents back there with your family and make s’mores, eat candy, and be glad you still have a toilet and shower nearby!!
* Movie marathon- pick a movie series or a TV show and have a marathon on a really hot day! In between shows, do mini workouts to keep the couch – potato feeling away.
* Go somewhere nearby- get suggestions from friends on where you could take a mini day trip that’s still in your home town. Maybe there is a lake you’ve never visited, an fun restaurant, a great park or hill top view. Make a day out of it!
* Look around at your local hotels/resorts. Find what promos they offer and treat yourself to one night of room service, or a date night with your significant other. It might not be a week of vacation, but a night out still does the trick.



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