Why Your Camera Flash Isn’t Working

Why Your Camera Flash Isn’t Working!  How many times have you taken a picture when it is a little bit dark outside or inside and the flash doesn’t seem to work?  This can be so frustrating when you have a shot you definitely want to capture.  To get your flash to work for you every time, try the tips below.
1 – Be sure the flash is set to “on”, not just set to “auto”.    When your camera’s flash is set to auto, the camera gets to decide when the flash will fire.  If there is any background light behind your subject, the camera will read that light and assume the subject is well lit enough, so the flash won’t go off.   If you know you’re going to need a flash to correctly expose the image, then simply turn the flash setting to “on” instead of “auto”.  This commands the camera’s flash to fire every time.
2 – Get closer.  This is probably the biggest mistake people make when using their flash.  They stand just a little bit too far away from the subject for the flash to reach them.  Most flashes need to be at least 10 feet to your subject.  If you are shooting within that distance and your subject is still dark, move closer and try again until you get to a distance where the subject is well lit.  Flashes come in a variety of sizes and strengths, the bigger the camera and the flash, the further the light will carry.

3-Balance it With Ambient Light.  Using flash does not mean that the background in your images or the ambiance should always turn out dark.  Sometimes flash is your dominant light source.   Sometimes flash is your only realistic choice. But it usually looks better if you allow available light to give you some context and color and mood.



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