About Noah's Ark Photography

We are frequently asked, “How do you create such stunning images?” Our answer: “It is easy when you are on your right path, doing what you are meant to be doing, and loving what you do.” Photography wasn’t the first career choice for either of us. Aaron used to go to work day in and day out - always with the same mantra, “I would rather work 18 hours a day for myself than 8 hours a day for someone else.” Elizabeth on the other hand, thrived at being a Medical Lab Tech, but quickly found that working outside of the home for 40 hours per week meant that she was missing a huge portion of her life. Neither of us had found our right path, the thing we were meant to do, the thing that we loved. Then along came photography! Now we are working 18 hours a day, but we are doing it on our terms and we are not missing one single moment of our lives. We LOVE what we do and it reflects in our art. We have found our path, our thing that we are meant to do, the thing that we love and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Describing a style is sometimes more difficult than it seems. There are certainly adjectives that we can use to describe how we see Noah's Ark Photography: sexy, sophisticated, edgy, avant-garde, fashionable. But these are just words, our style is more of a feeling; an experience. When you are being photographed by us - you will feel fun, powerful, lighthearted, stunning, on top of the world. Because that is how we envision our clients. We take the time to get to know you - to learn what will evoke the natural smile, what will cause you to show your sensual side, perhaps even a tear or two, what will allow you to just be you. That is what makes our photos stand out - the experience that allows the inner you to shine.


We are always humbled by each and every client that chooses us to help tell the story of their life with photography. It is true that a photograph remembers everything. The emotions and the nuances of the moment that it captured, forever.

Things that our busy minds often forget as time goes on. Photography should be a reflection of all of the little details that make up your existence. Tell us, what kinds of feelings arise when you find a picture of your family in dress clothes (clothes that you never wore except for church and the family portrait) in front of a drab background? Now, what kinds of feelings arise when you find a picture of your family casually laughing, playing, and having fun at the park? Perhaps a little bit more sentimental emotion as you recall such a happy moment in your life. A real moment in your life.

Our style of photography is symbolic of the emotion found in the second example. We want to capture your story with truth and emotion and make your story come alive, complete with all of the emotions and details as they really happened. From maternity and boudoir sessions, to high school senior and family photography, we are honored to have a place in the story of your life.

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever…it remembers little things long after you have forgotten everything.”-Aaron Siskund, 1903-1991, American photographer


This is the day you have been planning for and dreaming of. Your favorite people in the world are gathering, the dance floor is waiting, the champagne is chilled. Every little detail has been tended to and now it’s time to walk down the aisle and join forces with your one true love. You will remember these moments for the rest of your life; the family, the friends, the cake, the music, the tears and the laughter. You deserve to have this beautiful experience thoughtfully documented as you share the story of your wedding with family and friends in the decades to come.

Getting Ready 

We start the day by photographing you getting ready. Don't worry. This is all very much G-rated and we'll make sure to capture your pretty face only after you're all done up. Think detail shots of your fragrance du jour, you slipping into your beautiful shoes, a crowd of happy bridesmaids in their slouchy sweatpants and impeccable hair. The same is true for the men, too. We'll capture them fastening boutonnieres to their lapels, candids of dad giving the groom some sage advice and groomsmen laughing it up while the women get ready. 


When you book with Noah's Ark Photography, you'll also get formal and informal portrait shots. That includes those gorgeous bridal portraits, handsome pics of the groom (perfect for propping up on your work desk), group shots of the entire bridal party and all the family portrait shots you could ever want. We like to do a mix of both casual and traditional for these shots.

Ceremony and Reception

Of course, we also document your entire wedding ceremony and reception, complete with all those big -- and small -- moments that must be caught on film. That includes walking down the aisle, the big kiss, the officiant speaking, musicians playing, and family and friends listening/watching. We'll also capture all those fun and heartfelt moments at your reception, from tearful and hilarious toasts to some mad dancing skills to cake cutting and beyond. 


Rest assured we'll capture all those details you planned, as well. You spent good money -- and time -- planning your special day; we're here to make sure it's documented beautifully. We'll photograph the tiniest details on your wedding favors, the sugary flower ornaments on your cake, the lanterns hanging in the trees and anything else you thoughtfully included.


Depending on the package you choose, we'll also be there for other moments leading up to your wedding day, including the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, bachelorette and bachelor parties and even your wedding or bridal shower. Check out our package page in this magazine for more information. 



The best time to book a photographer is right after you book your venue. You want to get comfortable with your photographer and allow time to have a conversation about your vision and specific needs for your photography.


It’s a good idea to get your engagements sessions booked right away. Most people aren’t used to being photographed professionally so this is a wonderful opportunity for the bride and groom to get comfortable in front of a camera. Think of this as a trial run with the end result being gorgeous photographs of the two of you leading up to your big day. This is also a fantastic time to do a test run for hair and makeup.


Engagement prints are timeless. Unlike your wedding photographs that tell a complete story with all your family and friends, these are more intimate, documenting just the two of you before your big day. This gives you a chance to spend some quiet time together, reflecting on all that has come to pass and what lies ahead. Once you enjoy your engagement session you can have your photographs bound into a beautiful book for your guests to sign on your wedding day. This gives your family and friends the opportunity to share with you their love, reflections and well wishes. It’s a book of personal love letters from your favorite people just for you!


This is the day. No matter how stressed you are, we are here to calm you and take care of you. We'll capture your day, your story, your life. Whether your family views your photos in a month or 50 years from now, they'll see your entire story. 


After returning from your honeymoon, we will sit down for your image reveal. After your approval, your fine art album and any wall art will be available in 2-3 weeks. 


You are at the end of one important life phase and about to embark on a new and meaningful chapter together. You haven’t walked down the isle yet but you are on your way. These are the private and precious moments when it’s still just the two of you preparing for the adventure ahead. Engagement sessions are a wonderful way to celebrate who you are as a couple and reflect on your unique love story before your friends and family gather to watch you take your vows. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to get to know your photographer and become comfortable in front of the camera so that when the day of your wedding arrives you are carefree and confident.

You should also have an engagement session done because it's fun! You get to pamper yourself and dress up and -- here's the best part -- snuggle and kiss your best friend for a good hour or two. Engagement sessions also serve as prime bonding time for you two. In fact, many of the couples I photograph tell me that their engagement shoot brought them closer together, something they didn't think possible considering how much they were in love already. How's that for amazing? Think about it, though. When you're doing intimate things such as just looking into each other's eyes, holding your partner's hand or resting on his shoulder in very romantic settings, it's impossible not to fall more in love. In our fast-paced world, sometimes we forget to enjoy the silence and the moment and just be together. 

Your engagement photographs are also great to use on your engagement website, for announcing your engagement online and for simply documenting yourself as a young and in-love couple. I promise you, your grandkids will get a kick out of these pictures in, say, 40 years! 


  1. Create a detailed timeline your wedding day that includes when flowers are set to arrive, when people should arrive, when hair and makeup will get done, etc. Include exact times and locations. Share this timeline with everyone involved in your wedding, including your photographer.
  2. Have food on hand while you get ready. I made the mistake of barely eating on my wedding day and ended up with a headache. Having healthy snacks and lots of water on hand will make for a better day.
  3. Practice walking in your wedding day shoes to make sure they're comfortable enough to stand around in for your portraits and for the duration of your wedding. Pain is beauty, yes, but looking pained in a picture isn't worth the discomfort. 
  4. Pack a "wedding day emergency" kit and bring it along with you on your big day. Essentials include some clear nail polish for snags, pain reliever for headaches, any makeup you need for touching up and a travel sewing kit. Band-Aids, lozenges, tampons and tissues are also good. 
  5. Have your cake and flowers arrive at the latest possible moment (but still budget in some buffer time). Flowers wilt and cakes can melt on hot days, so putting these deliveries off can ensure both look great for your pictures, ceremony and reception.
  6. Have a "spot checker" on hand who's there to help you out with things like tangled trains, smeared lipstick or out-of-place hair. This can be someone in your bridal party or the mother of the bride, for example. 
  7. Whether you're doing your makeup yourself or having a makeup artist come in, do a trial run. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin, as an allergic reaction on your wedding day would not be good.
  8. Order at least 25 extra wedding invitations than you think you'll need. It's better to have extras "just in case" and often times it's less expensive to buy in bulk than to order just a few extra. 
  9. Follow up with all your vendors a week before your wedding to make sure everything is in place and ready to go. Should anything be wrong (say, the florist only has you down for 4 bouquets instead of 5), this will provide plenty of time to fix the mistake.
  10. Expect the unexpected. Sometimes things don't go as planned, and that's OK. In the long term, it's your outlook and attitude that makes for a brilliant, successful day. 


Wedding Package I:

Our original photography package includes 8 hours of coverage on your wedding day, from late morning to the first dance at your reception. You'll have one photographer documenting moments throughout the day, as well as bridal party and family portraits.  


Wedding Package II:

This is our most popular wedding package, and for good reason. In addition to 8 hours of  wedding day coverage, we'll also custom design a luxury album for you. You'll have two photographers at your wedding. This package provides you with approximately 500+ digital images, custom designed album (30 images), and an engagement session.


Wedding Package III:

Our most elite package, this package includes 10 hours of coverage on your wedding day.  From getting ready, to on the dance floor, we will be there to capture all the memories.  You'll have two photographers at your wedding. You'll also receive approximately 800+ digital images, custom designed luxury album (50 images), and an engagement session. 



Do you take payment installments? 

Yes, of course. We can work out a payment schedule to make sure you're able to pay for the photos. All we ask is that you pay 25% up front to lock in your date and have the remaining amount to us 4 weeks before your wedding.

Someone else is paying for our photos. Who signs the contract? 

No matter who's paying for the photographs, it's always you -- the bride and groom -- who signs the contact. You'll also be our primary contact and who we speak with leading up to, on the day of, and the days following your wedding. 

Can I hire an additional photographer to shoot our wedding? 

The contract you sign states that Noah's Ark Photography photographers are the only photographers allowed to shoot on your wedding day. This helps promote our creativeness and ensures you get the best photos. We do offer additional shooters depending on the photo package you choose. As long as guests do not infringe upon our space, they can take pictures with their cameras/phones. 

Can I hire you to shoot my destination wedding? 

We absolutely love destinations, so the answer to your question is a resounding, "Yes!" We have a separate contract for destination weddings, which details accommodations and travel expenditures. 

How long does it take to get my pictures?

You will always receive your pictures within six to eight weeks, but usually earlier. During the busy season, we sometimes get backlogged, but even then we do our best to have all digital negatives to you within three to four weeks.

Do you design the photography albums? 

Our luxury albums are absolutely breathtaking and yes, we do design them in house. We work with you to include the photographs you love best to ensure you love your album from cover to cover.

Do you provide customized packages? 

Not all weddings are the same -- we get it! For that reason, we may provide a customized wedding package to suit your needs. These customized packages are for weddings that are far outside the norm (for example, a very short, intimate wedding between only parents and the bride/groom). Talk to us and we'll make it work!

Will my photos be used as advertising material?

We do reserve the right to use images from your wedding in our advertising material and on our website. If you prefer not to have us use your images please discuss this with us before booking.


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